Why choose me?

As a Personal Trainer I have actively been involved in health & fitness for the past 20 years, predominantly in the British Forces and most recently as a Match Official on the National Football League. During this time I have gathered an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that I can utilise to help my clients achieve their goals.


My passion is High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) using minimal equipment so that people can participate anywhere, anytime and at anyplace. I also use various equipment to make sessions fun but challenging which means that it is not a ‘one size’ fits all approach. I tailor each session or programme according to each one of my client’s goals and fitness levels.


I thrive on working with people on a 121 basis and also with teams/groups. Seeing the results that can be achieved makes me focused and dedicated to help clients achieve their health & fitness goals even when they seem impossible at first.

I know Ken through refereeing and once I knew he had a Personal Training business, I instantly wanted his help and expert guidance. He is great to train with and you achieve more. Ken is awesome at getting you to put in 100% safely and helping to achieve the goals you set

About Kenwyn

I have always been a keen sportsperson. I have pretty much played and competed in all kinds of sports from athletics, cricket, golf, rugby, football, rock climbing, orienteering, cross-country, the list goes on.

The Army provides a great base and supports healthy sporting competition.

I joined the British Army straight from school at 16 years old. I trained as a Vehicle Technician and moved onto Engineering Management. During this time, I underwent two major Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction operations sustained as a result of playing football. The agony of not being able to participate in normal day to day activities or sport made me determined to strengthen my body and not sustain any further serious injuries. So I dedicated my time to getting fitter and stronger and helping others to do the same.

I left the Army in 2012 and moved to Southwell, Nottinghamshire. I carried on being a successful Engineer, but I knew I wasn’t being challenged enough. I wasn’t getting any job satisfaction, I craved a profession that enabled me to make a difference to people’s lives. So, I decided to complete my Personal Training qualifications, graduating in 2018.


Moving into the health & fitness industry has provided me with the drive and enthusiasm required to make changes and a difference to other people. I love keeping healthy, working out and educating people on keeping themselves fit and strong. 

Achieve your health & fitness
goals with Kenwyn

Let Kenwyn transform your workout routine and achieve your health & fitness goals. Whether that be losing weight, getting fitter or have a specific sport that you compete in. 

Your bespoke training programme is just a click away.