Is your team looking for that extra edge come match day? Looking to get your team in tip top condition? Then maybe I can help. Having played various sports throughout my military career from football, rugby, golf, cricket and orienteering to swimming and badminton, I can plan with your own coaches, managers and players to develop your own bespoke training plan.

Working with Southwell City, Southwell Netball Club, Newark Referee Society and Nottinghamshire Football Association Development Group each training plan are bespoke and individual for their own sport. Typical training plans could include:

·         Cardiovascular fitness

·         Endurance

·         Sport specific movement

·         Reaction timing

·         Speed

·         Concentration & Focus

·         Nutrition

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Let Kenwyn transform your workout routine and achieve your health & fitness goals. Whether that be losing weight, getting fitter or have a specific sport that you compete in. 

Your bespoke training programme is just a click away. 

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