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Is your schedule busy and you don’t have time for a personal trainer? You still want direction and advice on keeping fit? Then on-line training might be for you.

You’re probably thinking, “How does it work?” Basically, you will get all the benefits of our Personal Training without me being there!

You will have a bespoke schedule and workout programme designed around your goals. Your nutrition guidelines will be included and have access to ‘The Lean Cook’ App.

Our mobile friendly App will be your one stop training aid, where you have your workouts with full video demos with written explanations, nutrition log, measurement and photo area to keep a record of your progress and more importantly, you have Klean Fitness support throughout your programme.

We will catch up on a regular basis, so we know that your programme is working for you. If not, it’s very simple to change and its ready for you in an instant!

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll still get the benefit of my years of experience, professional qualifications and lifelong passion for fitness. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone.


Start your journey


The initial phase of any Personal Training programme is to have a chat. Once you submit your details through our contact page, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter then we will give you a call. This is the initial consultation where we can discuss what it is you’re looking to achieve, any goals you may have, current lifestyle routine and/or any other relevant information which could be pertinent to your success. You will be asked to keep a record of your daily nutritional log over a 3 day period and submit this to us in step 2.



You will be invited to create an account on our on-line mobile friendly App. This is where we will provide all of your workout information and log your progress. You will be asked a series of questions so we can get a better picture of you. We will require your body measurements (which we can help with) and a photo (not essential) to help us track your progress and you will need to submit your nutrition log.



Once all of your details have been submitted we can get to work on your bespoke training plan. These will be a series of workouts based around your current level and your goals. Whether it be 121 Personal Training or our On-Line training programme you will have full demos, videos, support and a chance to ask any questions prior to starting.



To get the best out of your training you will need to look after yourself whilst not exercising. Using your measurements, dietary requirements and our link with ‘The Lean Cook’ you will have bespoke information and guidelines tailored to you with access to over 300 nutritious, lean and healthy recipes.  



We will catch up with you on a regular basis, even when you’re not training. You will have access (If you wish) to our member’s only area on Facebook and you will be added to our members WhatsApp group. These groups will be used to gather information, ask questions or share your progress with like-minded people that we help in achieving their goals.


If you are not the type to chat over a Facebook or shared WhatsApp group, Klean Fitness is available for private messages at any time. We are here for you every step of the way.