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This week, (13th – 19th May 2019) is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is all about ‘Body Image’ which has a direct relevance to mental health.

Body Image is a term that can be used to describe how we feel and think about our bodies and can affect us in many different ways depending on the stages of our lives. Throughout our lives our bodies change and evolve at different stages and sometimes dissatisfaction for our bodies can kick in, which will affect our mental health and wellbeing.

As a Personal Trainer, a very common goal for people is to change their body by losing weight, changing body shape or improving posture. The main reasons for this is that individuals are unhappy with the way they look, or have slight niggles and concerns about an area of the body which in turn leads to shame and distress.

From an early age, especially in today’s climate, we are inundated with images that 

display the perfect body and what it should look like. It’s a common technique for Personal Trainers to show ‘Before & After’ photos of their clients. A powerful marketing tool! However, what if you sign up to a plan from that trainer and don’t get the results you were expecting? You instantly feel rubbish, inadequate or feel ashamed that you are not as good as the rest. But let me tell you something, YOU ARE!

As a child when I was growing up, I was always ridiculed for being ‘skinny’. I was perhaps lucky that I could eat anything and everything and not put an ounce of weight on! I was constantly told, ‘watch out, because when you get older you will be huge!’, well that has never happened. Why? I put it down to always being active. I have always been involved in sport, and whilst in the Army, we had to complete physical training on a regular basis. It is only very recently, that I have changed body shape as a result of regular and specific training for my own goals and aspirations. It is not that I was ashamed or uncomfortable in my body; it is just the effect of training and eating healthily on a regular basis.

The Mental Health Foundation has released a report on ‘Body Image’ and its effects on mental health. Click on the following link to read it:



The statistics in this report are worth sharing here:

Individually being more aware of steps we can take for ourselves and others.   

  • If your body image is a significant cause of stress, or if you’re being bullied about how your body looks, consider talking to a friend, a trusted adult or a health professional.  
  • Spring-clean your apps on your smartphone.  
  • Notice the people and accounts you’re following on social media and be mindful of how you feel about your own body and appearance when you look at them.  
  • If you see an advert in a magazine, on television or online that you think presents an unhealthy body image as aspirational, you can complain to the Advertising Standards Authority.  
  • At home, parents and carers can lead by example, by modelling positive behaviour around body image, eating healthily and staying active.  
  •  In our daily lives, we can all be more aware of the ways in which we speak about our own and other people’s bodies in casual conversations with friends and family.  
  • Find the best way that works for you to stay active.

Klean Fitness provides health & fitness advice and plans for individuals with specific goals. We do not shame, discriminate or form opinions on any body shape. We are passionate in providing information and guidance for people to improve health and fitness. 

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You either love them or hate them! However, burpee’s are a fantastic exercise to add to your training. Here is a 31 day challenge with different variations for you to complete. 

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